If you have a dog that like to spend a lot of time playing in the water and find it inconvenient to always remove it’s shock collar when the dog gets wet, then maybe its time you upgraded to a waterproof shock collar.

Waterproof shock collars offer the same functions as your standard shock collar with of course the added protection of being waterproof.  You can purchase these collars from some of the many websites on the web, but it can be quite difficult finding one that maybe appropriate to your needs.

When looking for a waterproof shock collar insure it has been approved by a recognized patent to insure the safety of your dog.  You will find some brands of this type of collar which are cheap but safety as well as quality cannot be guaranteed.  Your best best is to stick with the most respected brands as this insure you are getting the best value for money as well as a reliable product.

Another point to mention when deciding on what waterproof shock collars to look for is to insure that you purchase one with a fixed internal battery.  This is coming from my own experience to finding that waterproof collars with replaceable batteries tend to not stand the test of time as damage can easily occur when replacing batteries allowing water to seep through.