It can be difficult finding a small dog shock collar in the market these days.  Amazingly most of the collars available are aimed at large dogs rather than tiny to small dogs. Below I have listed some thing you should look for when purchasing a small dog shock collar.

Size of small dog shock collar

Although obvious, the size of collar should sit comfortable on your dogs neck and not cause any strain to the dog whatsoever.  A lot of people modify large dog shock collars to fit smaller dogs.  I do not advice this as this may apply excess weight and pressure on the dogs neck especially on tiny dogs and cause problems in future.  When looking for a small dog shock collar make sure it fits correctly before purchasing.

Strength of static charge on small dog shock collar

As we are dealing with smaller dogs it usually isn’t necessary for you to purchase a collar with a high static charge.  Usually a collar with 2 levels of strength is adequate enough for training a small dog.  Remember that collars with many various strength levels are often heavier and more expensive, and more often that not do not offer great value for money for owners off smaller dogs.

Stick with a brand and recognized company

If you have a look on the net you will find many reviews on various small dog shock collars from different brands and companies.  Please remember that there are a lot of illegal types of collar available which are clones of brand types.  You might think you are saving money, but who can insure quality and safety of the product at hand.  Take your time with research and purchase your small dog shock collar from a reputable website or dealer.

Some of the most popular brands of small dog shock collars include the following:

  • Ultrasmart Collars
  • Petsafe
  • Innotek
  • Dogtra

All four brands of collar listed above have a range of collars that are effective and reliable.