Shock collar training has been around for quite some time now, and has been widely recognized as being an effective way in training and disciplining dogs. It must be noted that partaking in a shock collar training system without the proper knowledge and advice can possibly make matters worse when training a dog.

Before deciding whether to include shock collar training as part of your pets regime, you must be sure you have exhausted other options and alternatives beforehand.  This is not always the case with professionals, especially with dogs used in field and sports events where quick results are needed.

There is a misconception that shock collar training is cruel to your pet dog and that there should be a ban on all shock type collars.  You would be surprised to know that many dog associations worldwide applaud and recognize shock collars as a useful tool that benefits a dogs training regime but also is safe to the dog at hand.

As with many things in life a shock collar can cause damage if put in the wrong hands.  You use a knife to spread the butter on your toast, but also it can be used to cause harm to someone else….should we ban butter knifes?  Well of course not.

In the right hands shock collar training is not only a great tool in training your dog but also offers benefits for your dogs safety.  It has been proven that shock collars do not harm dogs, and the sensations felt are tiny on a dogs pain threshold.  Remember the emphasis is to distract the dog for that second it loses attention, not to punish or cause pain to the dog.

You may think shock collar training is cruel or maybe you are open about the idea of using a shock collar.  Whatever you decide, I cannot repeat this enough, seek the right training and use of your shock collar.  Using a shock collar training system without the necessary knowledge can cause more harm than good.