If you are looking for a collar that will stand the test of time then a rolled leather dog collar would be your best bet.As indicated by the name these type of collars are handmade with leather strands to insure long life and are very durable. A rolled leather dog collar is mostly associated with big large breeds for some reason.  I believe this to be a stigma of these type of collars.  If you look around you will find 2 types of these rolled leather dog collars. The buckle style is your standard buckle and pin collar which is adjustable as well as button leather collars that provide fast fastening.

Although the price for a rolled leather dog collar can be pricey in some cases, they are worth there weight in gold and can withstand any type of torture your dog could throw at it! On the negative side if your dog has a tendency to bite his collar often, you will find lifespan is not so impressive.  But this is understandable with any type of dog collar apart from chain variations.

Some parts of the world produce horse leather type collars, these type of collars are stronger than your standard leather collar although you will find it hard to purchase a collar of this type due to some parts of the world imposing a ban on the trade of this type of dog collar. Another point to mention is that quality can vary with rolled leather dog collars.  Some will be pure leather while others will be leather skinned with rubber lining. Always go for the pure leather types for longevity.

If your are choosing between a nylon type collar or leather, it all comes down to preference.  Nylon collars are not designed for the long term and can easily be damaged although they can be washed regularly. Rolled leather dog collars on the other hand require little maintenance and are very strong no matter what breed of dog you have.