There are many various types of shock collars for dogs.  You can purchase the standard self automated type aimed at dog barking problems, which automatically send a small static pulse to the dog, or purchase a remote shock collar which allows you to decide when a static charge should be activated.  A remote shock collar is most commonly used for all types of dog obedience training and can be a very effective tool if used appropriately.

Below I have listed the types of available remote shock collar that can be purchased.  Some of these remote shock collars make use of other methods of shock other than static charges to discipline a dog.

Basic shock collar

These types of collars are designed to help train a dog basic commands such as sit, heel, lie down etc.  These type of collars come with limited static charge strength as teaching a dog basic commands is not fairly difficult.

Advance remote collar

Remote shock collars in this area are the same as your standard remote collar but offer more flexibility such as strength of static charge and timer options.  These are aimed at field and agility training in dogs.  The frequency of range is also greater than your standard basic remote shock collar

Sports dog remote shock collar

Again the main benefit of collars in this range is the increased frequency in distance and in flexibility.  These are probably the most expensive types of remote shock collar on the market, and are only advised for use by professional dog trainers.

Spray remote shock collar

This is a fairly new type of collar which sprays small bursts of lemon fragrance to gain a dogs attention.  This is an effective type of training collar for those looking not to use static charge type collars.

Multi dog shock collar

If you would like to train more than 1 dog on 1 remote then these type of collars are useful.  These type of collars are used for training dogs in groups of 2 or more, and can involve the use of spray or static charge correction.