The “petsafe” brand is a widely recognized and renowned brand that specializes in products for dogs.

What is the petsafe bark collar?

Their range includes dog feeder, fencing, training tools and lot’s more.

1 type product they are well known for are their petsafe bark collar range. I can personally vouch for the quality of their products and if you are looking for a collar to help aid in stopping your dog from barking, then the petsafe bark collar range is worth taking a look at.

Among their products to control barking in a dog are sprays, ultrasonic and static bark collars. The ultrasonic collars emit positive and negative tones that can only be heard by the dog. This is a great way of training your dog to stop barking as well as a general training tool for all activities. Their static range includes collars which emit a short pulse of static electricity to the dog to correct your animal effectively. As stated before this is totally harmless these type of collars have been praised by dog kennels as being an effective training tool.

I have personally used the ultrasound petsafe bark collar and I’am impressed by it’s functionality. There are 3 variations of products to help your dog stop barking. 1 includes a device that you place in your home which detects barking and emits ultrasonic waves to correct the dog. Another is actually a petsafe bark collar that fits round the neck of the dog, and lastly is the dog bark training unit, which is designed to be placed outside and emit a pulse of up 25 – 40 feet away.

Prices vary from product to product, the outside unit tending to be a bit more pricier but still in the average price range. If you are looking for an effective bark collar or effective training tool then the petsafe bark collar is highly recommended.