Interested in getting a Personalized Dog Collar?

Pets have become the latest fashion accessory for people all over the world.  It’s no longer a case of pimp my ride but more of pimp my dog!  If you have a look around the net you will find companies that can provide you with a personalized dog collar.  In fact if you got the cash to splash you can go as far as determining the style of collar, size, width, color and even have your pets name embroidered onto it.

From my own personal experience purchasing a personalized dog collar is that you have to look around for a collar that not only suits what you want for your pet but also that the collar is of good quality.  You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a personalized collar that suddenly snaps or tears within a few weeks of purchasing one.  I wouldn’t advise purchasing a personalized dog collar if you are still carrying out obedience training on your dog, especially if your dog has a habit to yank the lead.  These type of collars are designed for show and quality may not be up to standard as a regular high quality dog training collar.

If you have a dog that likes to get down and dirty and spends a lot of it’s time being carried or pampered then these type of collars are great to show off your hooch.On the other hand and if you are like me, and have a 20 kg monster who spends it daily time racing through thick mud and woodland I suggest only using these type of collars on certain occasions or if your dog is obedience trained well.I personally don’t have have a personalized dog collar for my dog, as to be honest i’m scared it will effect my masculinity!  I will just stick to my good old wide leather collar.