The Innotek shock collar is a great and effective tool in helping to train a dog.  I had exhausted many other options before making a decision to purchase this type of collar, whilst also seeking professional advice from a friendly dog trainer.

When researching which brand of collar I should purchase I was often advised to purchase an Innotek shock collar as they offer great value for money and are very effective in training a dog no matter what issue you may have.

The great thing about an Innotek shock collar is that you have the option of various strength setting for transmitting a static pulse to your dog.  Of the 4 levels of strength, I personally found level 3 to be adequate enough in getting my rottweiler’s attention.  Other benefits of an Innotek shock collar is that the collar itself is rechargeable, ridding the need of frequently purchasing new batteries like other shock collars on the market, there is a good frequency from quite far distances and 1 remote is capable of operating 2 collars for those looking to train 2 dogs at a time.

before purchasing an Innotek shock collar I had previously made the unwise choice of purchasing a shock collar that automatically detected vibrations such as a dogs bark and randomly set of a static pulse.  This was not only distressing for my dog but on many occasion I found it a nuisance as well as cruel.  Even when my dog simply knocked into something the collar would set off causing my dog to frequently pitter patter avoiding every wall and corner around our home.  The last thing you want is to cause your dog more problems.

All in all I haven’t looked back on my purchase of an Innotek shock collar, and would highly recommend this type of collar to anyone looking to train there dog effectively.