If you visit your local pet store you are bound to find a varied collection of cute dog collars for your favorite pet. The thing is, the definition of cute all depends on what your personal tastes are. In my case, my dog Sparta is a big lump of stupidity and to me, a fitting cute collar would be his batman style collar, which I only put on him on days involving casual walks.

If you are looking for a collar that not only acts as a training aid but is also pleasing to the eye, then you will be pleased to know there are many cute dog collars available, some of good quality and some of not.  I personally advice not to go for both in one as these collars tend to be of lower quality compared to a dedicated training collar. The last thing you want is your energetic dog breaking lose with you chasing it half a mile down the road. Trust me I’ve done this, and it wasn’t funny at the time.

If you are really interested in cute dog collars then perhaps you could look into creating your own style of dog collar.  There are many places where you can customize every aspect of your collar, but this service will come at a price. Otherwise you could follow celebrity trends and purchase a designer brand collar.  Just imagine your pooch with a “Versace” labeled neck ring….now that’s cute!