If you are looking for a range of cool dog collars to pimp out your loved pet, then you might be interested to know that there is a wide range of collars available. I’m not talking about your average cool dog collars, I’m talking about collars that are designed to only be used on occasions for short period of times.  They have no use at all and are just there to please the eye.  Please take careful time and consideration before purchasing these type of collars as it has been reported collars designed just for the viewing of others may be entertaining but can sometimes cause damage to your dog.

On the other hand you can find cool dog collars that have functionality and can replace your bog standard collar.  These type of collars come in various design and colors for all breed types of dog.  My dog Sparta has his own batman collar which has a little batman tag on the front of the collar that opens up and shows his personal details.  Very cool!. I have seen some outrageous designs for collars, in fact they don’t even look like dog collars.  I personally thing these type of collars are cruel as well as being dangerous.  Their have been a few incidents where this type of collar as lead to fatal consequences for a dog.  Below is an example.

I don’t condone the type of collar as displayed in the photo, I just stress that if you plan to show off to friends and family ensure your dog is supervised at all times as something as simple as having the collar get caught on something can suffocate your dog. Another point to mention when looking for cool cog collars is that you should never purchase from an unreliable source.  You never know what type of toxins and material your dog collar is made from and this has proven to be fatal in some cases.  Always check before purchasing any type of cool dog collars that is safe for your dog to wear.