I am often asked if bark collars for dogs are a useful tool in helping a dog to stop barking.  Obviously we don’t want our dogs to never talk again, as appealing as it may sound, but in all seriousness many dogs do have serious problems with this issue.

My neighbors dog consistently barked everyday for at least 2 -3 hours non stop.  This not only caused a headache for the owner, but for everyone around the neighborhood too.  I mean can you imagine!  Jake, my neighbors dog went to every obedience class available, every stone was upturned in the quest to rid poor Jake’s obsessive barking habit. My neighbor tried everything, at one point even hiring a personal do trainer 3 days a week to drop by and resolve the problem.

This worked for a while but every time the trainer left….you guessed it, the barking went on and on.  As a last resort I done some research on bark collars for dogs as a favor to my neighbor.  A trainer had mentioned this could possibly remedy the problem if used appropriately, and as there was nothing to lose why not?.To cut a long story short Little Jake’s problem decreased by a large amount within 2-3 weeks, proving that bark collars for dogs can actually be an effective tool if used properly.

Bark collars for dogs are basically a variation or in some cases the same thing as shock collars.  I advice to only consider resorting to this method once other methods have been exhausted.  Many barking problems can be solved easily without the need for a barking collar, it just depends on the breed of dog and circumstance.  I have personally never used such a tool so I cant provide an unbiased view on the matter, but if you do decide to go this route be sure to research as much information as possible and seek advice from a qualified dog trainer.  After all, dogs are meant to bark…just not all the time!.