Many people ask me whether shock collars are good for dogs.  Well the answer is yes…and no.  Many people have there reasons for purchasing a shock collar, some for training and some sadly for abuse.

To make good use of a shock collar you must have some knowledge in training your dog otherwise you could potentially cause some serious damage to your dog in the short and long term.

Shock collars are widely recognized as being a great tool for training dogs in many areas.  Many dog associations applause the use of shock collars, but only if used in the right way and in the right hands.

Before considering purchasing a shock collar you must try all other forms of training your dog.  If a specific area in the your dogs obedience cannot be corrected with normal master to dog training then perhaps a shock collar would benefit you.  But remember to seek the appropriate knowledge beforehand.

There have been cases of shock collar abuse around the world from pet owners who find it funny to press that shock button every so often, even punishing the dog for simple things such as barking and so forth.  This is not the right to use a shock collar at all, and to be honest these people don’t deserve to own pets let alone train them.

Whatever you decide make sure you know what you are doing, shock collars can be great tools in the right hand, but dangerous tools in the wrong hands.