Shock Collars for Dogs

Is Shock Collar Training Effective?

Many people that own a dog understand and know what it takes to train your pet effectively and correctly, whilst others have no idea on what’s the right technique, let alone the best one.

Shock collar is not a bad thing! Not at all. It has personally taken me over 7 months to rectify my dogs behavioral problems, and with the right advice and tools I was able to stop my dog doing those things which really caused a problem for me, my family and most importantly the dog itself. I have created this site to offer you a brief overview of many types of dog training collars available not just shock collars for dogs but a whole range of other beneficial collars.

There is a misconception around that shock collars for dogs are cruel to the animal. This is the biggest misconception around. Shock collars for dogs have been endorsed by dog kennel clubs all over the world as being the best way to obedience train your pet dog. Not only is a disobedient dog possibly dangerous to you but most importantly it’s a danger to itself. It’s common fact that dogs act out of instinct and some dogs just need to be trained with the right tool and guidance to respect your commands for it’s own safety primarily as well as your’s.

My own personal experience with shock collars has been mixed. I have used the use of a shock collar for a few problems with the guidance of an instructor. I Believe that many problems do not need the use of an electric training collar, just proper guidance and training. You will find though that many dogs used for field and track events have been trained effectively with the use of these unique collars. This is completely understandable as you don’t want your flock of sheep to be attacked by your precious beloved dog! This is just one of many examples of course.

Shock collar training – The risks explained

In this day and age the implementation of a bark collar is an option that many experienced handlers can do without. Unlike years back, punishment to rectify a dogs behavioral problems is something that is looked down upon, especially for those who have no idea how to train there dog effectively. In the wrong hands a dog bark collar can fail to rectify a problem, making it worse for the long term. Poorly timed use and not knowing when to implement shocks can lead to unnecessary pain for the dog. Before even considering making a purchase it’s best to speak to a personal dog trainer on the issues you face rather than see the dog electric bark collar as the first and foremost choice.

Dealing with dog aggression using electronic training collars…

If your dog has anger management issues you must first understand that most aggression issues are fueled by fear, unlike human dogs can only express themselves one way! Many believe that using a shock training collar can nip aggression in the bud, but the reality is that it can often make the dog more fearful leading to more aggression that in the long term can end up being unpredictable due to the lack of warning signs the dog in question will display.

Using a Shock collar to stop barking

It’s a known fact that dogs learn by association. Knowing this it can be difficult knowing when to implement the use of a bark collar as we must read a dogs mind so we can create an association and use the proper method to implement a correction. For example, if you happen to have a guard dog and implement the use of bark training collar for no apparent reason through the assumption that “nothing is happening”, then you are just defeating the point of having a guard dog in the first place. Next time a burglar enters your home the dog will associate the shock with something else entirely leaving an intruder to raid your home. Careless use when implementing shock training to stop barking can, and will alter your dogs behavioral patterns for the worst, or for the best, no matter whether if your dog is a large breed dog or small dog ( There are numerous small dog shock collars available for smaller breeds).

Do I consider shock collars to be a good training tool? Well that all depends on the dog itself and the scenario at hand. Please feel free to browse my site for any information on the various collars available for your loved pet.